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Answers to Your Questions

  • I have never shot a gun before, will this class teach me how?

    • Yes, the Basic Handgun class teaches everyone, at the same basic level whether you have fired a gun or not.  Everyone is taught the same basic principles of how to safely handle a firearm.​

  • How important is regular practice of the principles of handgun operation?

    • Quite important.  Firearm proficiency is a "perishable skill." Over time, technique, speed, manipulation, and knowledge will all diminish if regular training isn't performed. The more practice you have your muscle memory and trained intuition will automatically, and properly engage. 

  • How much time do I have to respond to a deadly force attack?

    • With the techniques and skills taught at GGF, in most instances you will have as much time as you need to avoid a conflict all together, through good decision making.  In those rare instances where you cannot avoid or deescalate the ​situation, you will have the ability to maximize your ability to decisively defend yourself or your loved ones.

  • What role does movement play when I am defending myself or others?

    • Movement is a key factor in defending oneself, and others. Here are a few examples. Movement gives you options in avoiding an encounter: it allows you to put yourself and others in a safer position; creates opportunity and increases distance between you and your adversaries.

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